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Bodymune - Optimized by Nature

What do you mean by " Bodymune - Optimized by Nature"?

Over thousands of years, nature optimized all natural ingredients; we had no role in it. A seed is a seed because the nature made it that way.

We strongly believe, to use the ancient knowledge and wisdom about any natural ingredient we must use the one which has not been altered. If it has been altered we cannot reasonably quote ancient literature about its values. That would be neither right nor reliable.

There's an old English saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctors away." One might say that's too much of a claim but one cannot deny the fact that they were talking about an apple of that time. Everything was organic then!

To benefit the most Bodymune uses only organic ingredients, unaltered (GMO-free) and unadulterated (no pesticides or additives) by humans. That means Bodymune ingredients were optimized by nature.

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