About Us

After many years of research, followed by double-blinded trials with placebos, Bodymune was finally registered as a company in 2012, in Seattle, WA, USA, with two ready-to-launch products - Bodymune and Cardiomune. They came as powder form in sachets. People liked the results but not the taste. Eventually, we had to discontinue them.

Over the years, our continued research led to many discoveries of synergistic effects among various ingredients. That helped us to deliver the same desired results while using minimal amounts. Thus we moved from sachets to organic capsules. In early 2016, we introduced six innovative capsule products in the UK and Amazon through a UK-based marketing partner. The partnership is still going strong. In July 2018, we introduced ten closely focused organic dietary supplement products in capsules. The credit goes to our dedicated international team of scientists. Thanks for your continued support.

Discovering the synergistic interactions among various ingredients is still our primary specialty. Synergy means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Or in other words, you wouldn't get the same benefit if you took them individually at different times. Before filling the capsules, all the ingredients in the right proportions must be thoroughly mixed. That's essential to achieve the best synergy. We do it in our USDA Organic manufacturing facility in greater Seattle.

Over thousands of years, nature optimized all the natural ingredients; we had no role in it. Their many inherent values have been well-recognized over centuries in different parts of the world. We need not go through the known benefits of each ingredient as you are either knowledgeable enough or can easily research them on the internet. We would sincerely request you to do your own research before trying our dietary supplements. Our search for better and more innovative products keeps us on our toes and ever excited. We remain focused on our core competency of innovation and quality production. Let the products speak for themselves through the experiences of actual users.

​We strongly believe that to use the ancient knowledge and wisdom about any natural ingredient, say a fruit, we must use the ones that have not been altered. We cannot reasonably quote ancient literature about their values if it has been genetically modified. That would be neither right nor reliable. In the UK, there's an old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctors away." One might say that's too much of a claim, but one can't deny it was talking of an apple of that time. Everything was Organic then!

​Each of our synergistic proprietary blends for a particular health issue aims to correct the causes of the problem. This search is an ongoing process. The primary objective is to strengthen the specifically responsible weakened part of your body's immune system to help your body heal itself. It's nothing new; the body has been doing it all the time, and we wouldn't even survive a day without that. The very alarming concern is that with the fish served on the table, it forgets to fish. And, sometimes, we've damaged our fishing gear with pollution, stress, junk food, unhealthy habits, and, of course, age. With a generally improved immune system, you may also experience many other added benefits.

We aim to enhance them further by providing additional, well-recognized, pure, natural organic ingredients to create a dependable support structure for long-term stability and benefits.

Join thousands of happy customers who believe in the importance of choosing entirely natural ingredients in their dietary supplements. Like you, we demand only the highest standards of quality in our products. We care about your health and what our customers are putting in their bodies. Again we boldly declare - Let the products speak for themselves through the experiences of actual users. You be our judge.

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